This page displays new job openings for intermediate and advanced speakers of Portuguese language in the United States. While Portuguese is not a widely spoken second language in the United States, there are international companies that operate in the US that look for speakers of Portuguese. Several current positions are listed below.

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USA Industries in Need of Portuguese Speakers
Portuguese jobs in the USA as a translator, teacher, nurse, IT or helpdesk professional, or medical professional can be found here. This board displays ads for Portuguese employment in non-profits, corporations, schools, and other organizations. Many businesses seek candidates to fill language jobs because they want to help clients who are not fluent in English—so bilingual workers can explain products and services using Portuguese. These positions are offered at call centers, hospitals, retail stores, restaurants, or financial institutions. Often this work requires education and specialization in a specific industry like business or medicine, along with language skills.

Portuguese Speakers
Here, there are growing numbers of bilingual speakers of Portuguese, Spanish, Korean, and other languages. Speakers of Spanish, for example, will outnumber English speakers in California in the coming decade. In many Texas counties, Spanish speakers already outnumber English speakers. While Portuguese speakers are fewer than Spanish speakers, the US nevertheless includes government agencies and institutions that seek native and fluent speakers for Portuguese work. Portuguese speakers who are also fluent in Spanish have a wealth of opportunities as they can also look for and apply to Spanish jobs.

Current Job Market
In today’s tough job market, any skill adds to the likelihood that a candidate will find a position. Language skills are particularly useful because a business that needs fluent speakers cannot wait to train an individual to speak a language. Languages take years to learn—much longer than computer programs, databases, and workflow specifications! So, bilingual language skills should be mentioned on any resume, even for individuals who are not seeking work in a language other than English.

If you can speak more than one language, expand your job search to include both language jobs and skills jobs. For example, a nurse should apply based on nursing skills and education—however, the same individual may actually find a position as a Portuguese nurse. This situation can apply to several industries. If you know Portuguese, hopefully this board will help you find a job you love!

Speakers with fluency in Portuguese and English, bookmark this page so you can check new jobs on a regular basis; the jobs here are updated daily. If your organization is looking to hire speakers of Portuguese, click the logo at the bottom of the page to post a job.