Find Arabic jobs in the US as a translator, IT professional, teacher or tutor, accountant, or other positions. The United States is home to a large Arabic-speaking population and hosts many institutions that have open positions to help members of the community.

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Opportunities for Arabic Speakers
Because families often settle after establishing a career, second generation children are bilingual. This means that the US and other Western countries are fortunate to have many bilingual speakers who can successfully apply for Arabic translator jobs and other types of work involving interaction with native speakers in need of daily services in the United States. Of course, Arabic is not the only language commonly sought by companies and non-profit organizations. Many businesses and educational institutions offer a variety of Spanish jobs. As new immigrants need help, multilingual vacancies in all languages open up.

Tight Job Market
In today’s tough job market, specialized skills can serve any candidate well. Those who are lucky enough to speak a foreign language natively or fluently in addition to English have skills that cannot simply be taught on the job—this means that not just any individual can quality for those positions!

Other Languages
Arabic employment is not quite as common as jobs for speakers of more widely spoken languages like French, but there are many languages that are less commonly spoken and still result in employment opportunities. Jobs involving Middle Eastern languages like Arabic, Farsi, and Pashto are often found in immigration, military, and security based organizations. Also, due to an initiative to teach world languages in US public schools that was initiated under the Bush administration, there are jobs teaching Arabic in many US public schools. Under the current administration and in the current economic climate, it isn’t clear how long this initiative will continue to last.

If you can speak more than one language, increase your job searches to include searches based on language alone, such as “Arabic teacher,” plus search according to your specialized skills using keywords like “accountant jobs.” Don’t forget to combine searches for both using keywords like “Arabic and teacher.” If you find one of those, and you have the specific skill set a company seeks, you are likely to be a strong candidate for the job.