Find Italian jobs in the US as a translator, restaurant worker, customer service associate, teacher, or medical professional. This board displays ads for Italian careers in financial, healthcare, education, and technical industries. Many businesses need candidates who know Italian language fluently to help clients who may speak native Italian but may not be proficient using English. Click links on this page to see open positions for speakers of Italian.

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Jobs for Speakers of Italian
The United States has various Italian communities on the East and West Coasts, and some areas in between. In these communities live Italian speakers who need daily services, and companies who want their business hire workers who can communicate with fellow native speakers fluently to explain products and services Some government agencies and organizations needs speakers for a specific project. Others need speakers of two languages, so occasionally speakers looking for Italian employment may find jobs requiring this language, as well as another Romance language. Some interpreters, for example, may qualify for both Italian and Portuguese jobs.

Today’s Economy
In today’s economy, language skills can serve any candidate as well as any other specialized training. Some languages lend to jobs focused in a few specific industries. For example, Spanish Jobs are frequently advertised for native speaking or bilingual teachers, nurses, customer service representatives, and other positions. Italian employment is not as easy to find as work using Spanish language—but there are nevertheless many companies in need of Italian speakers.

A language is rarely taught on the job unless an individual works for an agency such as the State Department or Federal Bureau of Investigations—therefore, it is a valuable skill to have. As the economy tightens and businesses attempt to increase their customer base, positions are going to be harder and harder to compete for—those who know more than one language may find that their linguistic skills make them a strong candidate for Italian work in various industries, particularly if they have specialized training or education as well.